Bean, Celine Purple, organically grown, potted plant

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This potted plant, Bean, Celine Purple, is organically grown and has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. The fun lavender pods are 3 1/2–4 1/2" long and 1/4" in diameter, making them easy to locate on the open-habit plant. Despite its beautiful color, it does not hold its color when cooked. We pride ourselves on using our homemade soil blend, along with all organic and non-GMO seeds, for the growth of our plants. Our unique approach of starting seeds based on local growing conditions and Moon cycles leads to healthier, stronger, and more pest-resistant plants with higher success rates. Once our seedlings are large enough, we transfer them into pots, ensuring maximum convenience and success for our fellow gardeners. These potted plants are available for purchase once they have been hardened off and are ready to be transplanted in our/your local area.

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