Bean, Provider Bush, organically grown, potted plant

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Bean, Provider Bush, is an organically grown, potted plant. This versatile plant can be planted earlier than other beans, as it tolerates cool soils. Its compact size makes it easy to grow and highly adaptable to a variety of soil and climate conditions. It produces 5 1/2" round, fleshy pods of green beans.

We grow these from seed using our own homemade soil blend. All organic non GMO seeds and soil are used in this process. We don't start our seeds early or all at once like many nurseries. Instead we like to start our seeds according to our local growing conditions as well as the Moon cycles. We find that by doing it this way, it makes for healthier, stronger better pest resistant plants with higher success rates.  Once the seedlings are large enough we then sew them into pots for farther growth. For maximum gardening convenience and success, our potted plants are available for purchase once they are hardened off and ready to be transplanted in our/your local area.  

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