Feverfew Snow Ball OG, Potted Plant, Organically Grown

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This organically grown Feverfew Snow Ball OG, Potted Plant is an upright, well-branched plant with strong stems and abundant bright white, 1/2" blooms. It may be slightly shorter and bushier than the Virgo variety, but its bloom quality and appearance are just as impressive. Not only is it easy to grow and harvest, but it also remains evergreen in the winter and is frost hardy. Great for teas, a highly valued medicinal plant, it offers a multitude of benefits such as pain relief, mood enhancement, headache relief, acne and rosacea reduction, stress relief, and assistance with menstrual problems. Its little white daisy-like flowers and beautiful green leaves make it a stunning addition to any garden, and it self-seeds for easy propagation. For best results, plant in full sun and prune back the tall flowering stalks after blooming. 

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