Electrolyte Drink (Homemade Gatorade)

Large 6/8 cup mason jar
3 inch long piece of Ginger Root
3 cups of Spring Water
1/8 tsp of Himalayan sea salt or Celtic sea salt
1/4 to 1/2 tsp Stevia or Monk Fruit (we prefer the monkfruit)
1 Lemon 
1 Orange
1 Grapefruit
Can also do 1/2 of a Lime (I find a whole lime to be overpowering)
Feel free to mix and match your citrus fruits to your own preferences, just make sure to use 3 whole citrus fruits
Add 6oz-12oz of Coconut Water (optional)
Can also add any fresh herbs if desired like basil, mint, thyme, lavender etc
More Spring Water as needed to fill jar.
Begin by making a ginger water solution by first peeling the ginger then chopping into medium sized chunks. Place in a pot on the stove with the 3 cups of spring water. Cover and bring to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes.
While the ginger solution is simmering, grab your large mason jar.
Add the salt, monkfruit (or stevia) to the bottom. 
Add coconut water if using.
Juice all 3 of your citrus fruits and add to the jar, along with any fresh herbs if you choose.
Once time is up on the ginger use a slotted spoon to remove the chunks. Take it off of the stove top to cool. Once cooled, add the ginger water to your jar.
Fill the rest of jar up with spring water and stir.
It is now ready to drink
Place lid on and keep refrigerated, consume within 3-5 days.