About the Farm

Meet Tiffany and Travis Johnson,
the creators and founders of the Grateful Root Farm and Market. 
Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by, we are so grateful you found us. Below is a little bit about our story and what brought us to this wonderful place in our lives. 
We are located on 5.5 acres off highway 101 in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State. We are about 20 minutes outside of the closest town and surrounded by nature. 
We refer to ourselves as homesteaders not farmers
Tiffany was born in Washington state and lived her early years on her grandparent's property which is now where the Grateful Root Farm resides. Growing up she always felt a connection to the land and the beauty of life it had to offer. No place else had ever felt more like home and she always knew she would end up living out her life there!  At the age of seven, she moved to San Diego where, in junior high, she met Travis. They instantly became the best of buddies! Travis, was born in San Diego, grew up surfing and found solace in the sea. They both shared the love of fishing and made a living out of it. In 2012 they began working together on a private yacht where Travis was the captain, Tiffany a steward and deckhand. They traveled mostly north to Canada and Alaska. After working on the yacht, Travis and Tiffany also ran a sport-fishing boat together, traveling mostly south to Mexico. They began dating in 2015 and by 2016 Tiffany started having issues related to her health. Over the next few years, her health declined to the point of being completely bedridden. Western medicine offered little hope or answers and with her health dwindling fast they were losing hope. After extensive research, they decided to turn to natural medicine and began the journey of learning as much as they could about health, wellness, and how to properly cleanse, while supporting the body on multiple levels. Almost immediately they began to notice improvements from natural medicine. This journey led them to want to live a more naturally rooted lifestyle away from the city and toxic environments. Travis & Tiffany were married in 2018 and then decided to move to her grandparents property the Pacific Northwest of Washington State. In 2019 they began a self-sustaining lifestyle. During their journey, they learned not only the importance of high-quality foods, but the power of herbs, medicinals, and nature. They also learned how to make their own body care and wellness products, as well as medicines from various plants. All the while living harmoniously with their land and all that Mother Earth has to offer, which is their passion. These blessings gave them the strength and confidence to pay it forward and help others along their journeys of health and wellness.
All the products they sell are items they already make and use in their own lives and around the homestead. After many family and friend requests, they figured why not share the awesome discoveries they have made?
Through Tiffany's healing journey, a major lesson they both gained was the realization that a happy and fulfilled life blossoms through being grateful. That no matter how difficult things may seem in the present, by being grateful, you bring an abundant mindset in all areas of life. Creating an easier flow and positive outlook, allows yourself to overcome life's difficult obstacles. They've concluded that life is about enjoying the simple/little things and living fully in each moment no matter what that moment brings. 
Although Travis and Tiffany work hard, they also find it important to enjoy the moments in between. To maintain the energy this land provides, it's important to take time for play, rest and rejuvenation. It is important to preserve and feed the land, to make it better than was received it and to listen to its needs as it is doing the same in return. They value the gifts and messages that it provides, never even taking the “weeds” for granted. For the medicine and knowledge they impart is incomparable. This venture is about bettering lives and paying forward the rewards they have gained for today and the tomorrows.
After much consideration, Travis and Tiffany felt the name The Grateful Root was the perfect fit for the brand name. Firstly, because a grateful root makes for a happy plant. Secondly, they are grateful for their family roots and this beautiful piece of property they have inherited. Thirdly, they are grateful for the simple life they have decided to live, the health they have gained and the abundance of joy they are now living. Finally, they are grateful for the plants they grow, and the people they can share with! They hope their gratefulness spreads and brings you to a state of gratefulness as well. Oh ya and they are fans of The Grateful Dead and thoroughly enjoy Dead Heading in the garden!!
Please keep in mind Travis & Tiffany are a two person operation with most of their products being seasonal. That being said, they don't keep a back stock on items. Their products are all organically grown and made when there is an abundance of material. They also use strict production methods from harvest to craft, to ensure the highest quality. This way their products are as fresh as possible when arriving in your home. This is also why certain times of the year you will notice things may be out of stock. They ultimately believe in eating and living seasonally for optimum health benefits.
Maximum blessings 
The Grateful Root