Hibiscus & Horsetail Tea Blend

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Organic ingredients of: Horsetail and Hibiscus, Infused with Love, Gratitude and Reverence

An invigorating herbal mixture that will add a tangy twist to your palate. This blend is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, as well as high in silica which can benefit skin and nails. It is also believed to improve kidney, bladder, blood, and blood pressure health, and promote heart and liver health while reducing water retention. For an extra burst of flavor and benefits, try adding pineapple slices and fresh lemongrass.

This is an herbal blend that does not contain caffeine.


*All of our tea blends are prepared with powerful intentions for positive mental, emotional and energetic shifts

While we are not medical professionals, it is important to remember that this product is not intended to replace any medications you may be taking. If you have concerns about possible interactions, we encourage you to consult with your physician before use.