Marshmallow, Althaea Officinalis, organically grown, potted plant

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As a perennial that can reach heights of 3-6 feet and a width of 2.5 feet, Marshmallow, scientifically known as Althaea Officinalis, is a larger growing plant. Its delicate white flowers with 5 petals are not only visually appealing, but its roots have been traditionally used to soothe and protect the lungs and intestines. This mucilaginous herb is particularly helpful for individuals with leaky gut and ulcer issues when consumed as a cold-water infusion. After sitting overnight under the moon, its gelatinous consistency makes it perfect for coating internal organs. Interestingly, the modern-day marshmallows we know and love were originally created as honey candies using the sap of the Marshmallow plant. At our nursery, we carefully grow these plants from non-GMO seeds and soil that we make ourselves. We take a unique approach by starting our seeds according to local growing conditions and Moon cycles, resulting in healthier, stronger, and more pest-resistant plants that

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