Marshmallow Root, Althaea Officinalis, organically grown

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We enjoy and use the roots of this sweet flavored & amazing herb. Traditionally used to soothe and coat the lungs and intestines. Many people with leaky gut and ulcer type issues really seem to like the benefits of this herb. Used as a tea we always infuse it in cold water as opposed to hot. Being a mucilaginous when infused this way it becomes thick and gelatinous, and perfect for coating the internal organs. We like to leave ours out overnight under the moon and it is ready to drink the next day.

Fun Fact: Marshmallow's we know today and use in things like smores, in the beginning started out as a honey candy that was flavored and thickened with the Marshmallow plant sap. 

We grow these from seed using our own homemade soil blend. All organic non GMO seeds and soil are used in this process.